Our Job is the Elevator!
By using our wide production capacity and up-to-date technology in the best way, we have become a recognized brand in the sector.
Our Rising Potential
As Onaylift Elevator, we are constantly working to offer a more comfortable, comfortable and reliable life by prioritizing your safety.
Sectoral Integration
With our wide production network in the elevator industry, we offer the best service to our valued customers. We provide equipment suitable for your structures to provide service.
All over the World
Our company with its experience and determination since 2015 has proven its success by expanding its export area.
ONAYCABIN collection where unique designs come together!
ONAYDOOR doors opening to advanced technology
ONAYCONTROLLER boards to your strong structures

Everything You Are Looking For About The Elevator…

Continuous Improvement takes place with those who walk the same path as us. International standard for zero work accident policy and work safety!
20.000 m² Production Area
Intellectual property is the emerging trend of future elevators.
The world APPROVES!
With the advantage of being a young and dynamic brand, Onaylift Elevator Market, whose story started in 2015, has determined its goals as keeping up with the technology age and making quality production.

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Seamless Harmony Of Green Environments

Energy Saving Elevator Technology.

Our arch-rival is technology itself, contributing to a more sustainable world and a greener environment.

Low Energy High Gain

A more beautiful world with low energy, a happier life with high gain!

Developing and Changing Technology

While following the technology closely, we produce with our innovative ideas.


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Of Onaylift Elevator Discover Its Advanced Technology

Intellectual property is the trend of future elevators.

  • We are moving towards the future with our strategic achievements.
  • To higher goals as a global brand.

Always “Be one step ahead” growing with understanding!!

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